Night Créche (Over the Moon)

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OVER THE MOON -Day Care is a safe and clean place for working parents to leave their child whilst they are at work. Passionate and loving care-givers take care of children before and after school hours. Delightful organic snacks and meals and a peaceful snooze is part of the program. After school hours children are engaged in different activities such as reading,dance,yoga,art, craft and learning a foreign language. A multi-media room is there for the day-care kids to watch age appropriate documentaries and appreciate world music and cinema, for not more than an hour in a day.

Our focus areas are:

Child Care & Safety.
Learning in a loving and stimulating environment.
Fun filled activities.

A Powerful Beginning to a Lifetime of Love for Learning

Central to this philosophy is the belief that secure relationships with responsive and respectful adults provide the basis for all learning. With these relationships in place, children develop a capacity for trust, competence and independence that helps them grow as students and people.

Our child care curriculum strengthens children's emerging physical, social-emotional, cognitive and language skills, to prepare your child for kinder-garden, school and beyond. We do this with developmentally appropriate child care experiences and responsive care taker child relationships.

Research has proved that children in Quality day-cares exhibit higher levels of development in terms of their social compatibility with peer groups and adults in comparison to those kids who are stay home. Interaction between the kid and the day-care provider make the kids rank better on the sociable scale. Growing up with other children in a stimulating environment leads to better cognitive development plus social learning.

Help Develop a Love for Learning Early :

Within these groups, we look at each child's individual strengths and interests through direct observation and communication with the family (under supervision of Ms. Reeti Shah - Special Educator). Activities are then carefully planned to engage each child. By planning activities that build upon individual strengths we ensure that children succeed in their skill building, and in doing so, develop a love for learning. Each child will have the opportunity to work one to one with the teacher and in groups with peers, to achieve step-by-step growth as a learner and as a person. Social Development: A direct correlation can be found between the effects of day-care and child development. Quality day-care environment promotes the sociable nature of children.
Maternal Bonding: The effects of day-care can in no way disrupt the bond between the child and the mother.
Cognitive Skill Development: A quality day-care institution can significantly affect in defining the learning capability of the child and the interest in gaining further knowledge. Day-cares can build the mathematic and reading skills of children at a very early age.


We have 24 hrs availability of medical services and our panel pediatricians are:Dr. Deepak Ugra/Dr. Ajit Gajendragadkar. Tulip Hospital (same building) for any emergency medical attention.
Trained teachers, supervisors & day care in charge.
Healthy snacks (ORGANIC FOOD ONLY)
Supervised at all times.
Anytime check in check out facility.
Trained experienced and loving nannies.
Day care, toys, equipment's are sanitized on daily basis.
Children have the opportunity to experiment with various art materials such as paint, crayons, paper, play dough and pencils.
Activities that are open ended, child directed.
Separate bed foreach child.
Various open ended play materials such as puzzles, blocks, dress up props, fun & educational toys, books etc.
Bright, cheerful setting.


Food Preparation and Hygiene :

All food surfaces, appliances and eating areas will be cleaned and sanitized. Hand washing after toileting, before meals and snacks. Eating utensils will be thoroughly washed with food grade antibacterial wash.All staff are informed of good practice with regards to hand washing,food storage and preparation.

Accident and Emergency:

In the event of an emergency involving an enrolled child, we will contact the parent/guardian to alert them to the situation.Our panelistpediatrician will be consulted immediately.
Behaviour Management :

As professional child carers, we practice behavior management with gentle love, kindness and without the use of physical/verbal punishment.We do not grab, shake, shout, frighten or humiliate any child. It is against the rules for a caretaker or teacher to smack a child in our care.We give clear boundaries for all children, based on safety and having respect for others and their property.We give praise generously and encourage good behavior. Encouraging good behavior shows children they do not need to misbehave to gain attention.All staff acts as role models for the children, they use good manners and act safely.

We bear in mind that the child is away from the parents and home, and do what we can to provide an environment as close as possible to "home".


"I have used the Night Créche twice",says Shweta Surekha a home maker from Prabhadevi. "The first time my friends were visiting from the U.S after two years and I didn't want to miss out on girls night out. The Night Créche was the perfect solution." Up next for Sureka a date night with her husband.

- As reported to Hindustan Times.

"Having moved to Bombay very recently, we were dying to experience the night life in Mumbai, however were unable to do so with no help at home for our 3 year old girl. Just then I heard about the mindCraft Night Créche - over the moon and I was very very keen to try it. Nothing could be better for our baby than being in safe, clean environment! My daughter 'Sia' enjoyed the evening at over the moon which gave me the confidence to leave her again sometime soon."

- Gitanjali Nagarkatti