Learning Difficulties

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Mrs. M, mother of Y (name confidentiality requested) was worried about her five year old. He was always found out his seat in class and had a lot of difficulty copying work from the blackboard. They came to mindCraft four months ago. After being diagnosed as having ADHD with a superior intelligence Y was suggested Remedial Therapy for his lag in academic skills. In the course of the last three months, Mrs. M reports that Y is more focused and involved in his work at school. The teachers say that he doesn't get out of his seat as often and attempts to follow instructions now. At home, he shares his on-goings at school and talks about the work that was done in class, something he didn't do before. Mrs. M states that since the onset of the remedial therapy; Y is a changed boy. The parents are happy with the progress and can see the changes in their child. They are glad to and proud to be a part of the mindCraft family.