Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapy is the rehabilitation of a physically or mentally challenged adult / child. It works towards making the adult/child independent physically as well as mentally, using a holistic approach to therapy.

In pediatrics, Occupational Therapy helps children who have disabilities like cerebral palsy, polio, spinafida etc. As well as mentally challenged disabilities like Downs syndrome, developmental delays and other such conditions. Occupational therapy also benefits children with ADD / ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, poor handwriting and fine motor co-ordination.

Occupational Therapy helps by:

  • Developing concentration (in case of ADD / ADHD)
  • Developing gross motor activities (like jumping, hopping, buttoning, zipping, tying shoe laces etc.)
  • Developing good hand-eye co-ordination (which is required for sports, reading, writing, batting a ball, copying from blackboard etc.)
  • Addressing Sensory and attention issues to improve focus and social skills (sensory integration)
  • Developing visual perception skills, cognitive skills in children.
  • Teaching physically challenged children to be independent in day to day activities.
  • Controlling hyperactivity.
  • Overcoming psychological disturbances.
  • Assisting with Dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc.

An occupational therapist will evaluate how well you can do certain activities in comparison to other kids of the same age. The therapist might ask you to write the alphabet, draw some shapes, play some games, tie your shoes, or squeeze different objects to measure how strong you are!

Because occupational therapy is unique to each person and every child learns at his or her own speed, treatment may last a short time or a long time.


"My son of age 2 and a half was very sensitive to outsiders ,social gatherings and loud noises. He use to feel very uncomfortable and would cry all the time. That is when i came across mindCraft and was introduced to Dr.Mona Doshi. She diagnosed him as a Touch & Smell sensitive child.I have been seeing her since three months and have seen a tremendous change in my son after the therapy with Dr. Mona Doshi. His Gross motor co-ordination like jumping and throwing a ball has also improved a lot."

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