Psychological and educational testing/assessment

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An accurate diagnosis is crucial for appropriate intervention and recovery. At, every step is taken to ensure that all the tests used for diagnostics are both valid and reliable. We strongly believe in the right to confidentiality and take careful measures to ensure the same.

An assessment of psychological constructs such as the cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning of an individual is the bases of further intervention. These tests and assessments must be conducted by trained professionals only. Mindcraft has a team of qualified clinical psychologists that run these tests, score and interpret them and carefully make profiles for individuals providing clear cut diagnosis, insightful observations and a strong foundation for further treatment.

Some examples of tests are:

IQ tests
Aptitude tests
Job Fit tests
Attitude tests
Neuropsychological tests
Personality tests
Projective techniques
Developmental tests etc

A useful psychological test must be both valid (i.e., there is evidence to support the specified interpretation of the test results[2]) and reliable (i.e., internally consistent or give consistent results over time, across raters, etc.).

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