Complete Pre-Natal Program:

The ideal program for expectant families as it covers all information relevant to the nine months of pregnancy, birth and the post partum period. Every pregnancy is unique and special and every couple who undergoes our unique program can feel the difference. Involvement of spouse in all aspects, complete 24 hour support during pregnancy and post delivery, group interaction, complete handouts and more make our program the one stop information resource for all couples

What the program will cover ?

▪ Diet and Nutrition: What to eat during pregnancy for the optimum development of the baby and keeping the health of the mother in primary focus. Our nutrition plans are tailor made to each woman keeping in mind her lifestyle choices, dietary preferences and pregnancy needs.

▪ General Pregnancy Information: A session which covers common pregnancy complaints and remedies, warning and danger signs, myths and misconceptions, life style changes, latest developments in the prenatal field and more. This session promises many laughs as you discuss the myths and takes you through serious aspects which can aid in helping you prevent any untoward harm to your precious pregnancy.

▪ Exercises: Naturally this forms an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and so it forms an extremely important part of your pregnancy. It can keep your aches and pains away and ease discomfort. At the same time, a prenatal exercise routine also prepares your body for labor.

▪ Infant Care: A session which takes you on an exciting journey in understanding your new born. Covering New born appearances, common new born concerns, holding and handling your baby. A must for all new parents as the basic concepts of diapers v/s nappies, baby massage and baby bath are demystified. Last but not the least, pediatric visits, vaccinations and baby shopping lists round off the session.

▪ Breast Feeding: Breast Milk - The complete food - Liquid Gold, the more we say the more inadequate the description for this amazing gift of nature. Initiation and long term Breast Feeding, ideal feeding positions, common problems faced and remedies, breast v/s bottle and weaning is the focus of this session.

▪ Post Natal Care & Recovery: Why 40 Days? A question most new mums ask their elders. But do not get satisfactory answers. The changes a woman's body goes through during and post child birth and how she can help herself attain recovery in the optimum way post a vaginal birth or a cesarean section.

▪ Labor and Delivery: Our birth preparation sessions will take you through the different types of deliveries, what to expect in a hospital scenario, how to identify pre-labor and labor signs and symptoms and when to go to the hospital. A discussion on common interventions like episiotomies and epidurals to help you make informed choices. Your spouse is your best labor support and we take both partners through the tips and tricks to ease labor pains, breathing exercises, labor positions and more.

The above program is covered over 20 hours spread over 12 sessions. Sessions are conducted as per your trimester. Registration begins at 12 weeks. Package cost- Rs.10000/- plus tax. as applicable.

B: Regular Pre-Natal Exercise Classes:

Pre-natal group exercise class covering all relevant exercises and breathing techniques. Exercises done under close supervision in small groups.

8 sessions or one month which ever is earlier - 4000/- plus tax.

C: Post Natal Exercises:

Its time to bring our muscles back to the pre-pregnancy tone and this is best achieved with a post natal routine. So before you hit the gym, do enroll in our post natal program which helps you with Breast feeding and weight control diets and simple routines which you can follow along with taking care of a demanding new born.

Sessions are arranged on appointment.

Charges : Rs.10000/- (Six Sessions spread over 3 months)

D: Online Pregnancy Program:

For our clients who wish to be a part of the program but are not able to travel or are not in Mumbai, join our virtual classroom. Enjoy the class at home via internet (high speed connection) with Convenient time slots. Your trainer will be live with you along with other participants. Online interaction as well as offline queries via email. Our online clients will enjoy the same level of pre and post natal support that is available across all our program's.

Charges Rs.10000/- plus tax. (Payable via NEFT)

E: Lactation Counseling:

For all your breast feeding queries, come in with your baby for a lactation counseling sessions and resolve concerns such as latch, insufficient milk supply, nursing patterns and more.

Sessions are arranged on appointment.

Charges : Rs.1900/- plus tax.

F: Pediatric Nutrition Counseling:

Your little one is ready to start solids but you are not sure what to begin with. At times the wrong foods can cause allergies and digestion problems. Ensure that your weaning plan gives your little one the right nutrition and follows the baby's developmental needs. For our older children we have regular Nutrition Analysis sessions which are recommended once every three months to assess development and nutrition needs.

The above are available on a pan India basis via email.

Charges : Rs.2000/- per session.

G: FAQ's:

1. When can I join the program?

You can start the program at any stage of pregnancy. Sessions are scheduled according to your due date. Ideally Nutrition and General Information sessions are best done as early as possible and Exercises begin once your doctor gives the go ahead.

2. How is the information different from the Internet or any Books on Pregnancy?

Our Pregnancy program offers information, which is customized and specific to individual needs. The program has been designed with practical experience. It offers the learning and fun environment of a group and the convenience of asking any number of questions even after delivery.

3. Can my husband be a part of the program?

Of course, we believe that pregnancy is a time for bonding and fathers are welcome to be a part of all the information sessions.

4. What is included in a typical information session?

A typical information session lasts for 90 minutes. The session is interactive, informative, demonstrative and also includes a video on the subject. Questions from participants are answered and at times when the discussion is animated the session can even last for 120 minutes.

5 .What is included in a typical exercise session?

Our exercise sessions last for 60 minutes each. These sessions are for women only. A qualified trainer is always present to supervise the sessions. Warm-up, Stretches, Yoga postures and other suitable pregnancy exercises are performed. The aim is to tone your muscles for birth and also help in reducing pregnancy aches and discomforts. Each session also includes breathing exercises and relaxation.

6. What is the qualification of my trainer?

Sonali Shivlani is an internationally Certified Childbirth and Lactation Educator. She has also completed her certification in Child Nutrition. In October 2009, she took up the post of Executive Director - CAPPA India and now trains aspiring candidates who wish to pursue a career as a birth professional. Sonali has worked with more than 10000 couples over the last 8 years through her classes and workshops all over India. She is also on the expert panel of Mother and Baby magazine and (CNBC TV18).

7. Will I be given any take home material?

Yes, for all the registrations in the complete prenatal program, a full set of class handouts is given on the first day.

8. What about the facilites at the Centre?

We believe that pregnancy is a very special time and we ensure that we keep our centre fully equipped. Mats and other equipments are available. Refreshments such as tea, coffee, biscuits and water are provided. Airconditioning, spick and span learning room and clean bathrooms get special attention.

9. What if I miss a class? Can I cover up the session?

Yes of course. You can take the session with the next batch. If that is not possible, all our sessions are on DVD and we can arrange for you to watch the same at the centre. If you like we also allow you to attend the session as a repeat if you feel the need.

10. What is the USP of this program?

Our program has evolved over years taking into account all needs of the pregnant family.

▪ 20 Hour Program over 12 sessions.
▪ Individual personalized Nutrition Plan.
▪ Complete set of Handouts.
▪ 4 Exercise sessions of one hour each with all prenatal exercises, breathing practice and relaxation.
▪ Suitable Videos.
▪ Spouse Involvement.
▪ Breast Feeding Support Session (can be availed at the centre or at your home at a special price.)
▪ 24/7 phone support. (Even post birth - We even attend to calls from clients whose children are 3 years plus.)
▪ Early Years - An online community for pregnant and new families on facebook founded by Sonali