Our Team

Our Team

Dr.Shwetambara Sabharwal               
Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist
School Counselor - Cathedral and John Connon School - Fort

Mrs. Reeti A. Shah                                  
Counsellor,Special Educator (U.K)

Dr.Jay Pandya                                         
(M.D )Homeopath

Bindu Anand
(M.D )Homeopath

Dhruti Dave Lingam
Head Co-ordinator

Mona Alvi

Sheena Kalia                        
M.A(Psy), M.A(Eng)
Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Consultant Psychologist - Indian School Of Design and Innovation (ISDI Parsons,Mumbai)

Piyali Misquitta
Clinical Psychologist

Minal Sane-Joshi
Visiting Consultant


"We were reffered to Dr.Shwethambara by a friend for marriage counselling. She is warm,comforting. empathetic and easy to talk to. Shwetambara encourages supportive communication most couples stop sharing after a while. We are still undergoing therapy and it has helped us tremendously."

Name Witheld.

"Sheena was professional, supportive and objective.Her cognitive therapy helped me realize how my thoughts were fuelling my anxiety and ways in which to overcome this. It has 100% benefited me and I have had No anxiety attack since. Even if an anxious thought has cropped up , I have been able to deal with it constructively. This has helped me live a better fuller life, where I am able to consciously disregard things that are irrelevant."

34yrs,PR & Marketing Professional.